Press clippings - Interviews

 Title  Writer  Date  Media Type
Expressive paraloges on a new double CD by Domna Samiou Vassilis Angelikopoulos 24/05/2008 Newspaper Kathimerini
Children sing for children Yiorgos E. Papadakis 09/01/2008 Newspaper Eleftherotypia
A breath of fresh air... G.D.K.S. 14/10/2005 Newspaper Ta Nea
Songs about the sea and the moon Pavlos Kagios 28/06/2004 Newspaper Ta Nea
Domna Samiou at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall Stelios Koukos 02/03/2003 Newspaper Macedonia
Domna Samiou: The stuff legends are made of Maria Paravantes 06/12/2002 Newspaper Athen's News
Samiou: Tradition's Treasure Maria Paravantes 20/11/1999 Newspaper Athens' News
A collectible CD featuring Domna Samiou Meri Avgerinopoulou 13/11/1999 Newspaper Adesmeftos Typos
D. Samiou at the Small Theatre of Epidaurus 15/07/1999 Newspaper Avgi
An exceptional appearance at the Herodio 29/05/1998 Newspaper Avgi
Domna's song collection for Easter Mary Sinanidis 16/04/1998 Newspaper Athens' Νews
Singing Spring Lambros Liavas 07/04/1998 Newspaper Eleftherotypia
The sound in shadow theatre Lambros Liavas 30/09/1997 Newspaper Eleftherotypia
The sound of traditional Greek carols Tilefos 05/01/1997 Newspaper Kathimerini
Well intentioned ambassadors Eleftheria Traiou 02/11/1996 Newspaper Kathimerini
Domna Samiou at the 'Çemal Resit Rey Concert Hall' of Constantinople 24/10/1996 Newspaper Kerdos
Acropolis in the moonlight 09/08/1996 Newspaper Ethnos
When they used to build with the materials from the ruined temples Vassilis Angelikopoulos 01/03/1996 Magazine Difono
'Kindly be respectful to them...' Lambros Liavas 16/12/1995 Newspaper Eleftherotypia
The Herodion flooded in tradition 16/09/1995 Newspaper Avgi