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Achilleas Chalkias
Singer | Musician Born in Epirus. He comes from the renowned musicians' family Chalkias and is the brother of Petro-Loukas Chalkias. He play...
Tassos Chalkias
Musician Prominent clarinetist. Born in 1914 in the village Fotino of Ioannina, Epirus, and died in 1992 in Piraeus. He was the younge...
Stratis Chiropaídis
Informer Resident of Mandamados, Lesvos, born in 1900.  He sang good and was the soul of the village feasts. He wore the traditional ...
Kostas Chrisakis
Singer Born in 1962 in Deskati, in the Prefecture of Grevena. He studied pedagogics and journalism. He lives in Kozani, working as ...
Fahrettin Çimenli
Musician Turkish musician Fahrettin Çimenli plays the bowed tambouras and the tambouras. He was born in 1934. He was a member of the T...
Cretans' Group
Singer Cretans living in Athens, who participated in two albums by Domna Samiou. The singers are: Yannis Andrianakis Michalis Fra...
Stelios Delidakis
Musician Stelios Delidakis is a self-taught lutist. He was born in the village of Vasiliki in the Heraklion Prefecture of Crete in 19...
Yiorgos Demerdjis
Informer (1928-2013). Gaida-player from Asproneri in Didymoteicho. He played the gaida and sang in weddings and feasts. Domna Samiou ...
Tassos Diakogiorgis
Musician Born in Maritsa of Rhodes island, Dodecanese, and died in Athens in 2007. A santur virtuoso, who also played the violin, the...
Ilias Diatsidis
Musician | Informer Sandur player from Karlovasi, Samos island. Domna Samiou recorded him playing the sandur and singing tunes and songs in 1969...
Panos Dimitrakopoulos
Musician Born in Athens in 1973, Panos Dimitrakopoulos lived in Aigio until 1992, when he returned to Athens to commence his studies. ...
Evgenia Dimouda
Singer | Informer An informant from Ierissos in Chalkidiki. Domna Samiou collected local songs from her in 1972.
Vangelis Dimoudis
Singer | Musician Born in 1954 in Karoti, a village of Didymoteicho in the Evros Prefecture of Thrace. He is a dancer, a dance master, an oudis...
Daphne Djaferis
Production Born in Cyprus. In 1969 she was awarded from the Boston University a degree in film studies and television. From 1969 to 197...
Yannis Dobridis
Musician My name is Dobridis Yannis and I was born in 1955 in the village Ladi of Didymoteicho, in the Evros Prefecture, Thrace. I fin...
Theopoula Doitsidi
Singer Theopoula Doitsidi was born in 1952. Together with her father Karyofyllis Doitsidis and her sister Lambriana Doitsidi, they h...
Lambriana Doitsidi
Singer Lambriana Doitsidi was born in 1955. Together with her father Karyofyllis Doitsidis and her sister Theopoula Doitsidi, they h...
Karyofyllis Doitsidis
Singer | Musician Born in 1930 in Karoti, a village of Didymoteicho in the Evros Prefecture of Thrace. He plays the oud, he sings and composes....

Results 21 to 40 out of 197.