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Karyofyllis Doitsidis
Singer | Musician Born in 1930 in Karoti, a village of Didymoteicho in the Evros Prefecture of Thrace. He plays the oud, he sings and composes....
Markos Ph. Dragoumis
Singer | Production | Booklets Born in 1934 in Athens. He studied piano, Advanced Music Theory with the composer I. A. Papaioannou, Byzantine music with I. ...
Michael Eleftheriou
Booklets He was born in the UK to a Cypriot father and an Irish mother. Having graduated from the Law School, he decided not to practi...
Yannis Eleftheriou
Singer Singer. Yannis Eleftheriou alias Lefteroyiannis was born in 1960 in Apiranthos Naxos where he lives and works and has been a ...
Aris Fakinos
Booklets The writer Aris Fakinos was born in Athens in 1935. He studied and taught at the Institut Français d'Athènes until 1965, when...
Thodoris Georgopoulos
Musician Thodoris Georgopoulos was Born in Germany in 1968. His family is originally from Kato Labdani in Pogoni (Epirus). His first C...
Yiorgos Gevgelis
Musician Born in 1953 in Goumenissa in Kilkis, Central Macedonia, into a musical family. He plays percussion, mainly the daouli (davul...
Charalambos Giannopoulos
Musician Born in 1946 in the village of Kerasia in Kalavryta. He plays the clarinet, the flute and the lute. In 1966, he settled in A...
Singer Born in Agio Pnevma, a village in the Prefecture of Serres, Macedonia. She began her career in music in 1974, when she starte...
Lambros Goumenos
Singer | Informer Teacher from Kerasovo (Kerasonas), Preveza prefecture. In the 1980s, he recorded nine songs from his native area and gave th...
Kyriakos Gouventas
Musician Born in 1966 in Thessaloniki. He studied Theory of Music and violin at the Conservatoire of Northern Greece and collaborated ...
Babo-Vagia Grammenidou
Singer | Informer (1903-1987). Babo-Vagia (old woman Vagia) Grammenidou came from the village of Karoti in Didymoteicho. Domna Samiou met her i...
Theologos Gryllis
Musician (1939 - 2021) Born at Kambos village in the island of Patmos. He has been playing the tsambouna since he was seven. He has pa...

Results 41 to 60 out of 198.