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Lazarus Hatzinis
Singer | Informer Born in 1880 in Fárassa. He attended two classes in the primary school. In 1914, he moved to Sinasós where he worked as a bro...
Maria Hatzitheodorou
Singer | Informer Born in 1881 in Potámia. She was semi-literate. She moved to Constantinople in 1917. Her husband was a grocer. After the Exch...
Anastasia Hourmousiadi
Singer | Informer Born in 1865 in Sinasós. She was a primary school graduate. Her husband was a grocer in Constantinople. She lived in Sinasós ...
House of Culture of Nea Karvali
Dance The House of Culture of Nea Karvali was founded in 1981 and consists the continuity of the first ‘Educational Organization Na...
Michalis Kaliontzidis
Singer | Musician Born in 1960 in the village Dipotamos, Kavala, Macedonia, of Pontic parents· his father was a church cantor. In 1976 he began...
Harícleia Kanaki
Singer | Informer Born in 1895 in Malacopí (region of Neapolis). She lived in Constantinople for eight years. After the Populations Exchange (1...
Christos Kanakidis (Zachardelas)
Musician Musician from Chandras, Orestiada. He played the clarinet and the flute. He worked with Dora Stratou and Karyofyllis Doitsidi...
Stavros Kapsalis
Musician Born in 1945 in the village Zitsa of Ioannina, in Epirus, into a musical family. He began playing the clarinet at the age of ...
Nikos Karageorgiou
Informer (1903-1997). Nikolaos Emm. Karageorgiou was born in Makri, Asia Minor, and settled in Xylokeriza (Nea Makri) of Attica follow...
Nikos Karatassos
Musician (1931-2017) Born in 1931 in Piraeus of Minor Asian origin (Smyrna); he has been playing the santur from the age of twelve. F...
Petros Karbadakis
Singer | Musician (1943-2012). Cretan lutist. He was born in the village of Koukounara in Kissamos, Chania prefecture, and moved to Athens when...
Vangelis Karipis
Musician Vangelis Karipis was born in Athens in 1971. He became involved with traditional Greek music from an early age, studying oud ...
Zacharias Karounis
Singer Born in 1977 in Pakia, in the Prefecture of Lakonia, Peloponnese. He studied Theology at the University of Athens and is a ca...
Amalia Karzi
Singer Amalia Karzi was a singer of traditional music of the Peloponnese. She was born in the village of Katsarou (or Katsaros), Mes...
Vassilis Katrakos
Singer | Musician Born in 1939 in Taxiarches in Kymi of Euboea island into a musical family. He plays the lute and his repertoire includes trad...
Theodoros Kekes
Musician | Informer Theodoros Kekes (1924-2007) was born into a family of musicians in Kiani, a small village in Thrace. His father initiated him...
Yannis Kladakis
Singer | Musician Yannis Kladakis sings, plays the Dodecanesian lyra and is an authority on the musical tradition of Rhodes and the Dodecanese....
Manousos Klapakis
Musician Manousos Klapakis was first taught percussion at an early age by his father, Michalis Klapakis. A graduate of the Musical Hig...

Results 61 to 80 out of 198.