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Michalis Klapakis
Musician Michalis Klapakis was born in Chania in 1953, but moved to Athens at the age of five. He started playing percussion at a very...
Theodor Kondaras
Booklets He was born in Nea Erythraea, Attica, and his family originates from Seferihisar, Asia Minor. He studied Greek Philology at t...
Irini Konitopoulou-Legaki
Singer [1931-2022]. Irini Konitopoulou-Legaki was born in Naxos island. She comes from a family of musicians. Her father, Michalis K...
Christos Konstantinou
Musician Born in 1950 in the village Argiraki near Morphou, in Cyprus. He comes from a musical family and plays the tambouras, the bou...
Michalis Kopidakis
Booklets Born in 1945. He studied Classical Literature at the universities of Thessaloniki and Heidelberg. From 1975 to 1998 he taugh...
Yiorgos Koros
Musician Born in 1923 in the village Andronianoi, on the island of Euboea. He lives in Athens and plays the violin. He began playing a...
Kyriakos Kostoulas
Musician Born in 1934 in Malakasi, in the Trikala Prefecture, into a family of musicians. He plays the clarinet and his repertoire inc...
Dimitris Kotsikas
Musician Born in Galatini of Kozani, in Central Macedonia. He is a teacher at the Second Lyceum of Hymettus. He is a traditional music...
Yiorgos Kotsinis
Musician Born in 1969 in Athens. He comes from Strativista, a village of the historical Municipality of Pogoni, in Ioannina, Epirus, w...
Vangelis Koukoularis
Musician Born in Athens in 1967, he is the son of Stathis Koukoularis. He plays traditional music –mostly music of the Aegean islands–...
Stathis Koukoularis
Musician Born in 1945 in Kinidaros in the island of Naxos, Cyclades. He plays the violin and sings folk songs of the Aegean islands. S...
Petros Kourtis
Musician Petros Kourtis was born on Lefkada island in 1969 and has been playing percussive instruments from the age of 14. He studied...
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Maria Kouskousi
Singer | Informer Maria Kouskousi was born in 1898 in Reisdere, Erythraea, Asia Minor. After the Catastrophe of 1922 she settled in the village...
Sotiris Krissilias
Singer | Informer A resident of the village of Agios Dimitrios in South Euboea who could play the lyra and sing. Domna Samiou met him in 1976, ...
Apostolos Kyriakakis
Singer | Musician Born in Pethymno in the island of Crete. He plays the Cretan lyra and he sings.
Antonis Kyritsis
Singer Born and raised in the village Koskinas, in the Karditsa Prefecture, Thessaly. His love for traditional music grew as a child...
Fotos Labrinos
Production Director and researcher. He studied Cinematography at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow (1965-1970) and att...
Harris Lambrakis
Musician Harris Lambrakis was born in Athens in 1976. He was taught music by Marios Mavroides, and nei by Sylvia Koutrouli and Ömer Er...
Ourania Lambropoulou
Musician Born in Athens. She studied Advanced Music Theory, Byzantine music at the National Conservatory and the piano at the Conserva...

Results 81 to 100 out of 198.