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Tasia Papanikolaou
Production Born in Amfissa, in the Prefecture of Phocis, Central Greece. She studied architectural design at the Doxiadis School. Betwee...
Perikles Papapetropoulos
Musician Born in Athens, Perikles Papapetropoulos grew up in Heraclion in Crete. He first started learning music at the age of sixteen...
Kostas Papaprokopiou
Musician Born in 1956. He comes from a musical family from Doliana, in the Ioannina region of Epirus, and plays the lute. In 1981 beg...
Amalia Papastefanou
Singer | Informer A singer of songs of the Dodecanese and Asia Minor. Amalia Christodoulaki was born in Rhodes to parents who had come from Asi...
Lambros Papathanasiou
Singer (1934-2014). Born in Distomo in Boeotia to a poor family of farmers, and survived the Distomo massacre conducted by the Germa...
Nikos Papavramidis
Singer | Musician (1907-1995). A virtuoso of the Pontic lyra and singer. He was born in Argyroupolis (Gümüşhane), Pontos, to a family that orig...
Andreas Pappas
Musician He plays the percussion, mostly the daouli (davul), the goblet drum, the frame drum (bendir), and the tambourine. He began hi...
Yannis Parisis
Informer Born in 1912 in Skiathos. He was knowledgeable in the local traditions, and worked with Domna Samiou, recounting many songs a...
Alekos Pavlou-Arapakis
Musician (1920-2006). Alekos Arapakis was born in the Psahna area in Euboea. One of the most celebrated traditional musicians of his g...
Manolis Peristeris
Singer | Musician (1964-2005). Lyra-player. He came from Gergeri, in the Heraklion prefecture of Crete, and learned to play the lyra by his fat...
Antonis Peristeris
Singer | Musician  (1932-2006). He was born in Gergeri, in the Heraklion prefecture of Crete. He was a self-taught lyra-player and father of th...
Kyriakos Petras
Musician Musician. Born in Komotini, Thrace, in 1958. He studied Economics, and started to study systematically the violin in 1983. H...
Kostas Philippidis
Singer | Musician Born in 1950 in Kerasovo, a village near Konitsa, in the Ioannina Prefecture, Epirus. He plays the lute and is the brother of...
Nikos Philippidis
Musician Nikos Philippidis is descended from a long line of musicians and was born in 1954 in Kerasovo, near Konitsa, in Epirus, the e...
Traiani and Theodor Pitsanis
Informer Traiani and Theodor Pitsanis were residents of the village of Kitros in Pieria, having settled there as refugees from Bana, E...
Kostas Pitsios
Musician Born in 1946 in Lidoriki in the Prefecture of Phocis, in Central Greece. He plays the lute, the clarinet, and the guitar. He ...
Panagiotis Plastiras
Musician Born in 1964 in Angelokastro, Agrinio, of the Prefecture Aetolia-Acarnania. He plays the clarinet and his repertoire includes...

Results 121 to 140 out of 195.