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Eleni Tsaouli
(1928-1978). Eleni Tsaouli was born in Nea Smyrni, Athens, to parents refuges from Smyrna. She began ballet lessons in her ch...
Anna Tsiklitari
Singer | Informer Born in 1898 in Sýlata. She attended only four classes in the primary school. Her father kept a shop in Constantinople. After...
Michalis Tterlikkas
Singer Born in 1955 in the currently occupied village Capouti of the district Morphou, where he lived until the Turkish invasion in ...
Kleoniki Tzoanaki
Singer | Informer Kleoniki Tzoanaki, née Kourepini, was born in 1915 in Chios island, during a persecution from her homeland of Alatsata in Ery...
Dimitris Vagias
Singer (1947-1996). Dimitris Vagias was born in the village of Artopoula in Epirus. At the age of 13, he moved to Athens and did var...
Stefanos Vartanis
Musician | Informer Born in Smyrna in 1922 and died in Athens in 1989. He was a folk violinist, a composer, and a singer of Rebetika and folk son...
Aristides Vassilaris
Musician (1932-2013). A virtuoso of the flute, the pipiza (shawm) and the clarinet. He was born in the village of Riolos in Achaea. He...
Mathios Ventouris
Singer | Musician Lutist and singer. He was born in 1916 on the island of Kimolos. He learned how to play the lute from an elderly lutist compa...
Evgenios Voulgaris
Musician Evgenios Voulgaris holds a diploma in Byzantine music. Since 1992 his main focus has been on the oud and traditional Greek mu...
Haig Yazdjian
Musician Born in 1959 in Aleppo, Syria by Armenian parents. He has been living and working in Greece since 1980. He is a composer and ...
Ilias Yfantidis
Singer | Musician Born in 1976 in Athens. He grew up in a family of deep musical tradition, with the sound of the Pontic lyra; his grandfather ...
Volkan Yilmaz
Musician Turkish musician. He was born in Istanbul in 1975. At the age of 11, he began his music studies on the ney at the State Conse...
Christos Zafiroudis
Singer | Informer Christos Zafiroudis lived in Paliouri, Didymoteicho. Domna Samiou met him in 1976 during the taping of the TV series Musical ...
Yannis Zafiroudis
Singer | Informer A farmer and amateur musician from Paliouri, Didymoteicho. Domna Samiou met him in 1976 during shooting of the TV program Mu...
Michalis Zambas
Singer Born in 1982 in Preveza, Epirus. He started his music studies in violin and Music Theory at a young age at the Preveza Munici...
Michalis Zographidis
Singer | Musician Born in Olympos in the island of Karpathos, Dodecanese. He plays the karpathian lyra and sings songs from his homeland, as we...
Christodoulos Zoumpas
Musician Born in 1927 in the village Grammeno of Ioannina, in Epirus, into a musical family. He plays the lute and specializes in trad...

Results 181 to 198 out of 198.