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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


The songs are presented alphabetically according to their title. You can search by criteria such as “Music Collection/Album”, “Region”, “Areas”, “Categories”, “Type”, “Rhythm”, and “Dance Style”.

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In the “Collaborator” field, you can insert the name or surname of the musician, singer, etc. If, for example, you search for “Mathios”, the results will include tracks with contributions by Mathios Balabanis and Mathios Ventouris. Please note that spaces are NOT supported in this field.

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Macedonia Instrumental
Thrace Table Song | Instrumental
Gaida Solo
Εσείς βουνά, ψηλά βουνά
Epirus Preveza, Kerasovo Fable Song (Ballad)
Giannos and Vangelio
Ο Γιάννος και η Βαγγελιώ Giannos and Vangelio went to the same school, Giannos to learn to read and write, Vangelio to sing. Giannos fell in love an...
Propontis Couplets Love Song
Peloponnese Arcadia, Pera Melana Fable Song (Ballad)
Giorgi, They’re Ringing the Bells
Γιώργη βαράν τα σήμαντρα Giorgi, they’re ringing the bells. So, Giorgi, get yourself off to church get yourself off to church to take communion. – ...
Macedonia Instrumental
Girls of Kastoria
Κορίτσια από την Καστοριά
Ionian islands Corfu, Klimatia Religious, Literary Easter Song, Ritual Song
Glory Be to Every Day (Priests' Dance)
Δόξα να ’χει πάσα ημέρα Glory be to every day and to the Son and Father and to the Holy Spirit that’s divine and life-creating. Glory be to all the...
Macedonia Grevena, Deskati Couplets Easter Song, Ritual Song
God Speed You Now, O Easter Day
God speed you now, o Easter Day, may you be back again as you leave us may you find us, or else in better shape. All is wel...
Ecclesiastical Hymn
God With Us
Μεθ’ ημών ο Θεός
Dodecanese Kastelorizo Love Song
Gone with My Scarf
Έφκε με το μαντίλι μου
Macedonia Grevena, Sarakina Carol Saturday of Lazarus Carol, Ritual Song
Good Women Bearing Palms (Lazarus Saturday Carol)
Βάγιες μου, Βαγίτσες μου Come, Holy Virgin, come along and see these women bearing palms, good women bearing palms, good souls, bend down a little wa...
Crete Cretan Rizitiko Historical Song
Great Joy Across the Land
Great joy across the land, great joy in every village and all in the best, the best of spirits save Rhodes, poor ill-fated ...
Peloponnese Historical Song
Great Joy Across the Land
Joy and celebrations across the land but Náfplion, my Náfplion, why are you not joyous? Why no scenes of joy, no celebratio...

Results 241 to 260 out of 891.