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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


The songs are presented alphabetically according to their title. You can search by criteria such as “Music Collection/Album”, “Region”, “Areas”, “Categories”, “Type”, “Rhythm”, and “Dance Style”.

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In the “Collaborator” field, you can insert the name or surname of the musician, singer, etc. If, for example, you search for “Mathios”, the results will include tracks with contributions by Mathios Balabanis and Mathios Ventouris. Please note that spaces are NOT supported in this field.

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Thrace Carol Christmas Carol, Ritual Song
Christmas Carol (Thrace)
Χριστός γιννιέται, χαρά στουν κόσμου
Pontus Wedding Song
Close to Daybreak
Σιμά σα ξημερώματα Close to daybreak, dawn’s crack in the East, the Morning Star aloft, first light near at hand. The sun was a- telling, ‘dau...
Dodecanese Wedding Song
Come All You Birds
Ελάτε όλα τα πουλιά Come all you birds to make dough, help O Virgin, now gold has merged with pearl, help O Virgin. I make a round loaf for the...
Peloponnese Love Song
Come Out, My Sun, Come Out
Έβγα ήλιε μ' έβγα Come out, my sun, come out, come out, my sun, come out just a little. Come out, my sun, come out just a little so we can t...
Dodecanese Sea and Sailors Song
Couplets About the Sea
The sea is humble and resigned, the wind disturbs its calm, a mother bears and rears her child, a stranger will embrace it. ...
Macedonia Couplets Love Song
D'You Hear the Water-Mills
Ακούς τους μύλους D’you hear the water-mills that pound, and how the waters roar? We two do love each other well, so let the people clamour. ...
Thessaly Instrumental

Results 141 to 160 out of 887.