List of Songs

A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


The songs are presented alphabetically according to their title. You can search by criteria such as “Music Collection/Album”, “Region”, “Areas”, “Categories”, “Type”, “Rhythm”, and “Dance Style”.

In the “Search term” field, you can search by word or part of a word included in the track’s title, lyrics, notes and recording information. If, for example, you search for “foreigner”, all songs containing the word “foreigner” will appear in the results; if, however, you search for “foreign”, songs including both “foreigner” and “foreign” will appear. Spaces are supported, for example a search for “went up” will show the song “I went up high on Olympus” in the results.

In the “Collaborator” field, you can insert the name or surname of the musician, singer, etc. If, for example, you search for “Mathios”, the results will include tracks with contributions by Mathios Balabanis and Mathios Ventouris. Please note that spaces are NOT supported in this field.

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Eastern Aegean Chios, Pyrgi Instrumental
Dance From Pyrgi
Ionian islands Corfu Instrumental
Dance from Sokraki
Σωκρακίτικος χορός
Ionian islands Corfu Instrumental
Dance of Corfu
Σπαρτιλιώτικος χορός
Cyclades Naxos Couplets Philosophical Song, Carnival Song
Dance On, Dance On
Χορέψετε, χορέψετε
Macedonia Chalkidiki Instrumental
Dance Tune
Χορευτικός σκοπός
Propontis Mudania Fable Song (Ballad)
Dawn Glowed in the East
Ξημέρωσε η ανατολή The sun rose in the East and day broke in the West, the young man led his black mount to water. All along the way, he calle...
Eastern Aegean Chios Couplets Sea and Sailors Song, Love Song
Dear Mother, I Am Awfully Tired
Dear mother, I am awfully tired of gazing out to sea, to sea, of gazing out to sea, to sea of asking the postman if I’ve go...
Epirus Historical Song
Δεροπολίτισα Not available. Text in French follows: Femme de Déropolis eh, femme de Déropolis, toi qu'on jalouse, Avec des cierges et d...
Thrace Acritic Song
Digenes Is Dying (The Death of Digenis)
Ο Διγενής ψυχομαχάει Digenes, Digenes is giving up the ghost, my eyes, Digenes is dying my eyes are black, Digenes is dying. All the lords on l...
Pontus Acritic Song
Digenes Rescues His Beloved
Ακρίτας όνταν έλαμνεν Akritas laboured down by the river, Coming and going he laboured, tracing five furrows, Coming and going he sowed nine meas...
Thrace Acritic Song
Digenis Is Dying (The Death of Digenis)
Ο Διγενής ψυχομαχάει Digenis is dying and the mountains are trembling, and all the lords that heard it set out to visit him, they set out, bring...
Propontis Marmara Children's Song
Dili Dili
Dili, dili, dili, dili the lamp shone as the maid embroidered her kerchief. The rat went and nicked the wick from the lamp...
Asia Minor Erythraea, Meli Couplets Love Song
You dance, my spoilt one, but I don't know who are you, from your stature you seem, scampish perivolaria, to be of noble bi...
Dodecanese Kalymnos Work Song | Sea and Sailors Song
Asia Minor Smyrna, Baindiri Couplets Love Song
Do Not Nurture Any Doubts
Υποψία να μην έχεις Oh, do not nurture any doubts about my love for you. I feel quite lost when you are gone one hour from me. You are a garden...
Eastern Thrace & Roumelia Love Song
Down at Aghia Marini
Down at Aghia Marini, at Virgin Mary's monastery a twelve-year-old girl, joined the local nunnery. She doesn't cross her fi...

Results 161 to 180 out of 887.