Domna Samiou: her work

In the section Discography LPs and CDs supervised and released by Domna Samiou in Greece and abroad, either with her Association or with other record companies, are presented. The intervening time between the album collections reveals the change in the perception of traditional music, sound engineering, and of the aesthetics in album designs.

The Songs section includes all the songs of her discography in alphabetical order. The songs have been categorized and sorted by bibliographic and record information. For each song a short music sample is available, as well as its lyrics and all the additional information. There is a search option by title, lyrics, and available material.

The Concerts section includes a selection among approximately one thousand concerts given by Domna Samiou from 1960 to 2005, in Greece and abroad. They are categorized according to the music venue and their theme, including all the available information, such as programs, posters, photographs, press clippings, etc.

The Programs section is dedicated to the series ‘Musiko Odiporiko’ (Musical Travelogue), which Domna presented at the national television. It is presented with comments and, where available, with accompanying material.

In the section Partners all the people that have collaborated with Domna are presented. All information included in biographical notes, which have been adapted to the website’s requirements, was been either provided by the collaborators themselves or by other sources. For each partner there is a detailed list of his collaborations, including related media clippings and photographs.

The Press clippings - Interviews section includes all the Greek and foreign Press articles and extracts of interviews given by Domna Samiou that are hosted on this website. All the titles are accompanied by the available material and also include links which facilitate the visitor’s navigation and search of information on the website.