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Kostas Pitsios
Musician Born in 1946 in Lidoriki in the Prefecture of Phocis, in Central Greece. He plays the lute, the clarinet, and the guitar. He ...
Panagiotis Plastiras
Musician Born in 1964 in Angelokastro, Agrinio, of the Prefecture Aetolia-Acarnania. He plays the clarinet and his repertoire includes...
Zannis Psaltis
Production | Booklets (1936-2006). Born in Thessaloniki, Zannis Psaltis studied cinema at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He taught at the Dram...
Vangelis Psathas
Musician (1936-2012). Born in Naousa, in the Prefecture of Imathia, Central Macedonia. He plays the zournas. From a very young age, fo...
Vangelis Pytharoulis
Singer | Musician Born and raised in Kentri of Ierapetra, in the Lasithi Prefecture of Crete. He first started chanting at the parish of the vi...
Yiorgos Remoundos
Singer | Production | Booklets [1954-2022]. Born in Nikea of Piraeus. He is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Athens. He began his musical ...
Philippos Rountas
Musician Clarinet player, born in the early 1920s at Doliana village, Pogoni province, Ioannina prefecture. In the 1930s, he worked w...
Domna Samiou
Singer | Musician | Production For her biography, please click here.
Anna Sarri-Karambessini
Singer Folk music singer of the Dodecanese. She was born in 1923 in the village of Antimacheia in Kosand died in 2018. In 1949, she ...
Dionysis Savvopoulos
Singer | Booklets Melodist. Meaning interpreter of his own ‘stricheron idiomelon’ or song writer, meaning interpreter of his own poetry and mus...
Savvas Siatras
Singer He comes from Karitsa, a village of Dodoni in the Ioannina Prefecture. He studied for two years at the Zosimaia School in Zit...
Christos Sikkis
Singer Born in Aradippou near Larnaka, in Cyprus. He studied Pedagogics in Cyprus, where he worked as a teacher for two years. In 1...
Socrates Sinopoulos
Singer | Musician | Production | Sound Socrates Sinopoulos was born in Athens in 1974. At the age of fourteen he met Ross Daly and began to study the Constantinopol...

Results 141 to 160 out of 198.