Musical Selections
O April, April, Cool and Fresh
Songs for Spring, from our Music Archive Songs 1. O April, April, Cool and Fresh and 2. The May Month are from the album Easter Songs. Song 3. It's in May the Part...
Musical Selections
Songs from Kastelorizo
Four Songs from our Music Archive Singers Theopoula Doitsidi, Lambriana Doitsidi, Katerina Xirou and Mikela Psara. Musicians Stephanos Vartanis, violin, M...
Musical Selections
On This Day "Christ Is Risen"!
Four Easter songs from Domna Samiou’s discography The songs Today, my dark-eyed beauty and Just like Easter Sunday are from the disc Easter Songs. The tune Syrtos dance of ...
Musical Selections
Saturday of Lazarus Carols
Six carols selected from our music archive Two of them are from Domna Samiou's discography and four from her unreleased archive. Lazarus's carol (Eastern Thrace...
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Welcome Christmas!
Christmas, New Year and Epiphany Carols We suggest the following carols to the oldest to recall their memories and to instruct the youngers into the wisdom and magic...
Musical Selections
Carols for Children
Christmas, New Year & Epiphany Carols Christmas Carols New Year Carols Epiphany Carols