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Ilias Soukas
Musician Born in 1935 Kompoti, a village in the Prefecture of Arta, in Epirus. He belongs to the fourth generation of a musical family...
Antonis Spanos
Musician Musician from Fournoi, Ikaria, player of the tsambouna (bagpipe) and the flute. He married the “nisiotika” singer Thalia Kond...
Thalia Spanou
Singer | Informer (1925-1993). "Nisiotika" singer. Thalia Kondyla was born in Fournoi of Ikaria. She married Antonis Spanos (tsambouna- and flu...
Evgenios Spatharis
Born in 1924 in Kifissia, Athens. He was a painter and the most prominent shadow theatre artist in Greece. He started givi...
Nikos Stefanidis
Musician A renowned kanun virtuoso, he also played the oud and the Constantinopolitan lyra. Born in 1890 in Aksehir (Akşehir), Konya P...
Kyriakos Tapakis
Musician Born in Athens in 1977, of Cypriot origin. In 1995 he graduated from the Pallini Music High School and began his studies at t...
Miranda Terzopoulou
Production | Booklets One of the basic and regular collaborators of Domna Samiou, a close friend and a founder member of the Association. Being kno...
The Greek Byzantine Choir
Singer The Greek Byzantine Choir was founded in 1977 by Lykourgos Angelopoulos and his colleagues, with the aim of presenting to the...
Father Theodoros Theodoridis
Singer | Informer (1910-2005). Theodoros Theodoridis was born in Pharasa, Cappadocia. He devoted himself to the study of the folkore of his nat...
Andreas Thomopoulos
Production Born in Athens in 1945. He studied Theatre at the London School of Dramatic Art (1963-66) and Cinema at the International Fil...
Angelina Tkatcheva-Stathopoulou
Musician Born in Minsk, Belarus, where she began her studies in music at the age of eight. At the age of ten, she won the first price ...
Agapios Tompoulis
Musician (1879-1965) Born in Istanbul around 1879. He settled in Athens in 1918, where he died in 1965. He was an oud virtuoso and a c...
Maria Tourgouti
Singer | Informer Born in 1882 in Anakoú. After the Exchange she first moved to Corfu for five years and then settled in Piraeus. Source: Melp...
Charilaos Tsaktsiras
Singer Born in Tsopela Pramanton in the Ioannina region, Charilaos Tsaktiras attended the seminary of Vella. In parallel to his teac...
Paraskevás Tsaloglou (Mezarcik)
Singer | Informer Born in 1874 in Floytá. He drived a coach and sold carpets from village to village. After the Exchange in 1924 he settled in ...
Eleni Tsaouli
(1928-1978). Eleni Tsaouli was born in Nea Smyrni, Athens, to parents refuges from Smyrna. She began ballet lessons in her ch...
Anna Tsiklitari
Singer | Informer Born in 1898 in Sýlata. She attended only four classes in the primary school. Her father kept a shop in Constantinople. After...
Michalis Tterlikkas
Singer Born in 1955 in the currently occupied village Capouti of the district Morphou, where he lived until the Turkish invasion in ...

Results 161 to 180 out of 195.