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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


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Macedonia Kavala, Nikisiani Love Song
A Blue Dove
Μια γαλάζια περιστέρα A blue dove, oh, a blue dove flew by. Flying from mountain to mountain she was searching for her mate. My love so far awa...
Thessaly Wedding Song, For the Bride
A Boy from Syria
Άγουρος από Σερή
Thessaly Larissa, Tyrnavos Carnival Song, Bawdy Song
A Braggart of a Cunt (Explicit)
Ένα μουνί παινεύτηκε A braggart of a cunt declaimed to East and West alike that there was not a cock at hand to come along and fuck it. My cock,...
Macedonia Historical Song
A Brave Young Lad Set Out
A brave young lad set out for Macedonia, where Pavlos men was gathering, men in whom the spirit of Twenty One lived on. – ...
Pontus Immigration Song, Wedding Song
A Cretan Ship
- A Cretan ship, nor large nor small, just two and forty cubits long, brought me to strange and unknown lands. - O alien, ...
Thessaly Larissa, Drymos Carnival Song, Bawdy Song
A Cunt up in the Cherry-Tree (Explicit)
Ένα μουνί στην κερασιά A cunt, my friend, a cunt, a cunt up in the cherry-tree. A cunt up in the cherry-tree, the cock way down below. Five times ...
Central Greece Euboea, Agios Dimitrios Fable Song (Ballad)
A Fair Maid Did Sing
Κόρη ξανθή τραγούδησε A fair maid sang up upon a rope bridge, but the bridge collapsed, and the river stood still. And the river spirit came to h...
Cyclades Paros Fable Song (Ballad)
A Fair Maid Did Sing
Μια λυγερή τραγούδησε A fair maid did sing out in the moonlight, but the gentle wind took her song and swept it out to sea and every boat that h...
Thessaly Magnesia, Trikeri Fable Song (Ballad)
A Fair Trikeriotissa
A fair Trikeriotissa, a comely Trikeri girl, is mistress of a silver loom that has an ivory heddle. As she spooled threads ...
Central Greece Viotia, Arachova Ritual Song, Fable Song (Ballad)
A Festival Is Being Held
Πανηγυράκι γίνεται - Local Dance of Saint George A festival is being held, high up around Saint George’s. – Salutations, Frankish lord! A multitude was at the feast and the...
Macedonia Chalkidiki, Ierissos Historical Song
A Great Command
And the king did command and ’twas a great command: fleet and admiral were to quit the land. By the Lord’s command and the...
Pontus Lament
A Heavy Sigh
Σο έναν τ' αναστέναγμα μ'
Propontis Nicomedea Children's Song
A Little Seedling
A little seedling a seedling, a little seedling sprouts forth and grows to give us fruit and flowers. A little water, jus...
Asia Minor Erythraea, Meli Fable Song (Ballad)
A Little Shorty (Meli, Erythrae)
Ένας κοντός κοντούτσικος (Mελί Eρυθραίας) A little shorty, a short little man, aides pouli mou aides, had a beautiful wife and the whole neighbourhood, aman aman, wa...
Sporades Skiathos Fable Song (Ballad)
A Little Shorty (Skiathos)
Ένας κοντός κοντούτσικος (Σκιάθος) A short little man had a beautiful wife. The whole neighbourhood was jealous, and all the land and a pasha, a pasha envied ...
Crete Chania, Lakkoi Fable Song (Ballad)
A Maid Bidding Farewell
Μια κόρη συναπόβγανε A maid was seeing her husband off to foreign parts holding a candle out for him to see, tankards of wine for him to drink. ...
Peloponnese Klephtic Song
A Maid Decided
A maid decided to join the klephts and set fire, vr’ amán och amán, she set fire to her loom. She set fire to her loom, to...
Asia Minor Fable Song (Ballad)
A Maid from Evripο
Μια κόρη από την Εύριπου A maid from Evripo sought to set sail, she sought to make passage. She sought to make the passage to the far shore and pai...

Results 1 to 20 out of 882.