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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


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Peloponnese Klephtic Song
A Maid Decided
A maid decided to join the klephts and set fire, vr’ amán och amán, she set fire to her loom. She set fire to her loom, to...
Asia Minor Fable Song (Ballad)
A Maid from Evripο
Μια κόρη από την Εύριπου A maid from Evripo sought to set sail, she sought to make passage. She sought to make the passage to the far shore and pai...
Propontis Table Song Fable Song (Ballad)
A Maid Was Singing (The Wife Scorned)
Κοράσιν ετραγούδαγε A maid was singing in a high-walled palace. The wind swept her voice out to sea and every ship that heard it reefed its sai...
Propontis Table Song Fable Song (Ballad), Immigration Song
A Maid Was Singing Longingly
A maid was singing longingly inside a high-walled palace, her voice was caught up on the breeze and carried off to seaward, ...
Propontis Peramos Fable Song (Ballad)
A Maid Would Have Her Way
Κουράσιν εβουλήθηκε A maid would go would go a-strolling and then go back again. She called her neighbours together yes, by Saint George and...
Thrace Evros, Nea Vyssa Fable Song (Ballad)
A Mother Has a Son
Μια μάνα έχει ένα γιο A mother has a son, the apple of her eye, and the neighbourhood would have him, ’tis a wonder the very mountains do not cru...
Macedonia Love Song
A Noble Lady Summoned Me
A noble lady summoned me, a blue-eyed noble lady she summoned me to go to her, her wealth in Kalamata lies she summoned me ...
Central Greece Euboea, Agios Dimitrios Acritic Song
A Nun With Child (The Song of Porphyris)
Καλογριά γκαστρώθηκε A nun swelled up with child and bore a manly boy. Within a month he was carrying a sword, within a year a musket and at thr...
Dodecanese Rhodes Love Song, Wedding Song
A Partridge I Did Tame
Πέρτικαν εμέρωνα A partridge I did tame, through April ‘til May came, the tamer she became, the more she did complain. All afire deep inside...
Propontis Nicomedea, Katirli Fable Song (Ballad)
A Prince Is to Be Wed (Evil In-Laws)
Αρχοντογιός παντρεύεται A prince is to be wed to a dark-eyed bride whose folk sought refuge here. His bride-to-be’s from uprooted stock, little re...
Dodecanese Karpathos, Olympos Sea and Sailors Song, Lament
A Sailor-Lads A-Dying
I heard the shouting and the cries, they filled the Cyprus straits. I thought they must be slaughtering bulls or taming some...
Macedonia Kozani, Eani Carol Saturday of Lazarus Carol, Ritual Song
A Teacher Seated Himself Down (Lazarus Saturday Carol)
Γραμματικός ηκάθουνταν A teacher seated himself down upon a block of marble and started writing with his pen, and knocked his ink-well over, the i...
Eastern Aegean Chios Fable Song (Ballad)
A Trader Made His Way
Πραματευτής κατέβαινε A trader made his way from Bulgar lands. He led his trains of twelve and fifteen mules and sang and spoke the while he trek...
Eastern Aegean Chios Fable Song (Ballad)
A Trader Made His Way
Πραματευτής κατέβαινε A trader made his way from Bulgar lands. He led his trains of twelve and fifteen mules and sang and spoke the while he trek...
Central Greece Attiki Couplets | Processional Tune Love Song, Local Song
A Walk in Sergiani
Σεργιάνι 'ναι στη Σεργιανή
Peloponnese Arcadia, Tyros Wedding Song
A Wedding Rite
Καινούργιος γάμος γίνεται

Results 21 to 40 out of 887.