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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


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Central Greece Fthiotida, Amphicleia
A Widow Sold Wine
Μια χήρα πούλαγε κρασί
Thrace Acritic Song, Wedding Song
A Young and Gallant Soldier
Ένας άγουρος κι ένας καλός στρατιώτης A young and gallant soldier Sought a citadel, a citadel. He sought a citadel, a village to stop at. He found none, no citade...
Thrace Evros, Paliouri Acritic Song
A Young Lad (A Soldier and a Tree)
Στρατιώτης και δεντρί A young man, a fine young lad went off in search of a castle, Greek lass of mine. And though he found no castles and no vil...
Asia Minor Erythraea, Reisdere Couplets Love Song
Again They Entered in the Dance
Πάλι ν-εβγήκαν στο χορό Again they entered in the dance, four eyes as dark as olives, four eyes that weave like shuttle through the hearts they brea...
Dodecanese Kalymnos Couplets Work Song, Sea and Sailors Song
Aganda Yialessa
Αγάντα γιαλέσα
Cappadocia / Konya Malakopi Wedding Song, For the Bride
Μην κλαις
Pontus Acritic Song
Akritas Goes Hunting (The Death of Digenis)
Ακρίτας πάει και σο κυνήγ' Out hunting, on the way to the hunting grounds, Akritas met Charon at a crossroads. - Charon, what've you got against me th...
Thrace Evros, Karoti Historical Song, National Legends and Laments
Alexander and the King
Αλέξαντρος κι βασιλιάς Alexander, bré amán amán, Alexander and the king, Alexander brave and strong and little Constantine. They ate together, bré...
Central Greece Euboea, Gymno Easter Song, Ritual Song | Sea and Sailors Song
All Attend at Church (Easter Dance)
Όλοι πάνε στην εκκλησά All attend –for sake of Christ– all attend at church to exclaim that ‘Christ is Risen!’ and to hear the Word. As for me, th...
Peloponnese Love Song
All the Birds, Two by Two
Όλα τα πουλάκια ζυγά-ζυγά All the birds, amàn amàn, the birds nest two by two, all the birds two by two, the swallow with his mate. The lonesome ni...
Epirus Klephtic Song
All the Captains' Women
All the captains’ women went and bowed down before Ali Pasha, before the vezir, but Leni, Bótsaris’ Leni, will not bow her ...
Peloponnese Immigration Song
All Turn Their Gaze upon the Sun
All turn their gaze upon the sun that's on the point of setting, and yet the girl who's sore at heart is looking out to seaw...
Peloponnese Arcadia, Pera Melana Love Song
Along the Shore
I’m heading along the shore – say it, little ones to find my love – say it like I do. But I went and found her – say it, li...
Asia Minor Smyrna, Baindiri Couplets Love Song
Aman Gel Aman
Αμάν γκελ αμάν
Pontus Fable Song (Ballad), Acritic Song
Amarandos Goes to War (Marandon)
Ο Μάραντον Amarandos has received the order to go to war. He forges horseshoes of silver and nails of gold, He shoes his black steed b...

Results 41 to 60 out of 882.