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A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


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Cappadocia / Konya Farasa Instrumental
Tune from Farasa
Σκοπός από τα Φάρασα
Epirus Immigration Song
High up upon your way, moré turtledove, down low as you pass by, sweet beautiful turtledove, might you have caught sight o...
Thrace Historical, Recent
Twelve Little Evzones
Twelve young evzones decided, Holy Virgin, they decided to go to war. On their way, Holy Virgin, upon the black sea a blac...
Cappadocia / Konya Sinasos Couplets Love Song
Two Suns Two Moons
Δυο ήλια δυο φεγγάρια
Central Greece Instrumental
Two Tsamikos Dances of Roumeli
Στα Σάλωνα σφάζουν αρνιά - Κάτου στου Βάλτου τα χωριά
Eastern Aegean Samos, Karlovasi Lampoon, Local Song | Carnival Song
Uncle Mathios
Ο μπάρμπα-Μαθιός
Macedonia Historical Song
Up Siátista Way
Up Siátista way, just up from Kastoriá, will you not weep mothers, mothers and children? They killed Pavlos, Pavlos Melás ...
Peloponnese Love Song, Wedding Song
Up Upon the Rose
Απάνω στην τριανταφυλλιά The partridge built her nest amàn amàn, high up upon the rose-bush And the startled partridge started, and the roses to th...
Eastern Aegean Lesvos Instrumental
Vary Vrakadiko
Βαρύ βρακάδικο
Peloponnese Love Song
Vassilo Kalamatiani
Βασίλω Καλαματιανή Hey there, Vassílo, o lass from Kalamáta, ah... Vasso, my dear Vassílo, hey there, o lass from Mikrománi. Oh tut, my dear ...
Instrumental | Improvisation
Violin Solo
Σόλο βιολί
Instrumental | Improvisation
Violin Solo
Σόλο βιολί
Epirus Love Song
Βιργινάδα A tree… hai hai, Virginada I had a tree in my yard I had a tree in my yard for solace, my love. Its leaves grow green it...
Sporades Skyros Carol Saturday of Lazarus Carol, Ritual Song
Wake up Lazarus
Ξύπνα Λάζαρε
Asia Minor Makri - Levissi Couplets | Processional Tune Love Song, Wedding Song
Wake up My Black Eyed One (The Grasses of the Earth)
Wake up my black eyed one I’ve come to your neighbourhood, I have brought you a golden tress to plait your hair. Your black...

Results 781 to 800 out of 887.