List of Songs

A complete list of songs from the Association’s releases, other releases edited by Domna Samiou, her collaborations, and selected songs from her field collections and recordings.


The songs are presented alphabetically according to their title. You can search by criteria such as “Music Collection/Album”, “Region”, “Areas”, “Categories”, “Type”, “Rhythm”, and “Dance Style”.

In the “Search term” field, you can search by word or part of a word included in the track’s title, lyrics, notes and recording information. If, for example, you search for “foreigner”, all songs containing the word “foreigner” will appear in the results; if, however, you search for “foreign”, songs including both “foreigner” and “foreign” will appear. Spaces are supported, for example a search for “went up” will show the song “I went up high on Olympus” in the results.

In the “Collaborator” field, you can insert the name or surname of the musician, singer, etc. If, for example, you search for “Mathios”, the results will include tracks with contributions by Mathios Balabanis and Mathios Ventouris. Please note that spaces are NOT supported in this field.

NOTE: The search is case-insensitive.

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Cyprus Instrumental
Dodecanese Rhodes Instrumental
Zervodexos Dance
Ζερβόδεξος χορός
Eponymous Composer Modern Composition
Zonaradiko - Here Upon the Grassy Meadow
Ζωναράδικο - Δω στα λιανοχορταρούδια. By Dionysis Savvopoulos Young men who’ve let their hair grow long and dress in black all over bring messages for one whom I did once love very dearl...
Thrace Instrumental
Ζωναράδικος χορός

Results 881 to 887 out of 887.